Project Life 2014


I think it’s only appropriate the week of our 4th Wedding Anniversary(!) to talk about a new photography project I want to try this year – Project Life. Project Life is basically a photo album system that allows you to customize your photos and journaling all in one spot. Kind of like a scrapbook, but way more simple. :)


You see, in our four years of marriage, I have taken thousands of photographs of our trips, moves, growing pup family, and tidbits of everyday life. But nearly all these images are on my computer or phone, and it drives me crazy. I hate that all of our memories are in pixel form. So this past year or so, I’ve been searching for a way to print and organize our photos on a regular basis, without having to spend a lot of time or thought on the process of doing so.


I love the sentiment of keeping a photo album with memories written out on each page. But to be honest, scrapbooking doesn’t really appeal to me. I don’t really care for the traditional scrapbook aesthetic, and the hobby itself seems like it might take up a lot of time (and space for supplies). I was intrigued the first time I came across Project Life on the internet – the albums and format are really the perfect solution for me, since I can customize it to look the way I want.


Basically, all you need to start Project Life is an album, photo pages, and journaling cards (if you want to include writing, as well). My goal is to create a page spread for each week of this year, which will leave me with 52 spreads come year-end. One thing I love most about these pages is that they include both vertical and horizontal pockets, as opposed to just the horizontal spreads that you find in traditional photo albums (you know the ones with 3-4×6 photo sleeves per page?). This layout sort of reminds me of an Instagram profile header, don’t you think? :) I love it!!


For my opening page, I decided to include a picture of each one of us in the family. My photo was taken last spring, and I took Jose’s picture on our trip to Tennessee this past November. This is probably my favorite picture of Blanca, though you can always find her asleep on the couch like that. Canela is definitely the second dog-child – I hardly have any photos of just her without her big sister! ;) This photo of the two of them is also one of my favorites – I love the expression on both their faces (I think they were waiting for suppertime here). I also included a photo of our new house, the week that we closed. And in the top right corner I included a picture of the duck pond that we walk to everyday, which was taken at sunrise (I used one of Liz Tamanaha‘s templates, which you can read more about on her blog at Paislee Press). You can see the little watermark with the text “2014”, to indicate the beginning of the year. And then I added a little bit of journaling in the top left corner, along with a statement of intent about the project in the bottom right corner (the card design is a template I downloaded from Becky Higgins’ website, here).

I spent a lot of time on the opening page, mostly just learning how to use templates and layers on Photoshop. The rest of my pages might not be as beautiful as the opening page (I used some of my favorite photos of 2013!), but they will be every bit as meaningful. I’m going to try and keep this project as simple as possible, and not agonize over the layout very much (though easier said than done). I also plan to use mostly iPhone photos, since my iPhone is the camera that I capture most of my pictures with. Although, I may end up including SLR photos as well, for special occasions and holidays.

I’ve been preparing to start this project for a couple of months, and I’ve learned so much already by reading blogs by other women who have worked on Project Life for a year or more. Some of my favorite blogs about Project Life and memory keeping in general include Paislee Press (mentioned above), Pink Ronnie, and Caylee Grey. These women have given me so much inspiration for my own Project Life, and I can’t wait to see how my first album turns out this year!!

I’m still working to set up my sewing room this weekend, but in the meantime, I have one last special project from last year that I never posted about here (a baby gift for my special little niece!). I can’t wait to share it with you later on this week.

xo, Amanda


3 thoughts on “Project Life 2014

  1. I am so excited for you and I can’t wait to follow along. What a stunning start to your album. So lovely and simple. I love how you said that your memories are in pixel form. I’ve been thinking more and more about going back and documenting previous years and getting the pixels into physical form.

    Congrats on your fourth year of marriage. Happy celebrations ♥

    1. Thanks so much! I really mean it when I say a lot of inspiration has come from your blog. I can’t wait to see what you do with your Project Life this year!! :) Thank you for all your encouragement!!

      I’d like to go back and organize / print pictures from previous years, too, but the task seems a bit daunting when I get to thinking of how many years I’ve missed! In the meantime, I may go back and focus on events.. like both my brothers’ weddings, special holidays, etc. Little by little!!

      Hope you have a wonderful 2014!! xo

  2. I felt the same way about our pictures. I hate that they live on the computer and that we hardly ever take the time to look at them. I started doing Shutterfly photo books a couple of years ago. I do one for the each year of a new baby’s life and the one to recap the year of our family. It’s been super fun!

    Happy anniversary :) What a beautiful day it was!

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