Packing Up


With only two weeks left until the big move, I spent this past weekend going through closets and drawers to get rid of any clutter that I don’t want to take into our new house.

Just these past couple of years, I’ve really felt the urge to simplify things in life. Learning to sew has helped me streamline my closet and my style, and it’s something that has rubbed off on other areas of my life.

The house we’re moving to is pretty small, by today’s standards (well – in the United States, at least), but I’m secretly grateful that we don’t have a huge house to clutter up with more stuff. A small space will force us to be selective about what we bring into our home. It’s really a good feeling to get rid of all the things that weigh us down.

Here’s to a fresh start!!! :)

P.S. So sorry for the lack of posts lately! Once we’re settled into the new house, I should be back to regular updates here on my blog. ;)


One thought on “Packing Up

  1. I moved two years ago to a condo from a house. we had to downsize and it was the best feeling ever! It is so nice to rid yourself of junk and clutter and live more simply! Good luck with the move and have a great weekend!

    xx Alecia

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