Hollyburn Skirt for the Office


Another Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt! I know you’re probably thinking that this skirt doesn’t look very “office-y”. But, it’s still hot as blazes here in Midland, and my new office’s attire is pretty office casual. I had this drapey floral fabric on hand and thought it’d be perfect for a late summer skirt to add to my new working wardrobe! It looks gorgeous with a white sleeveless button up and nude pump heels. :)

I also think it will transition well into fall – I can pair it with some tall boots or t-strap heels and top it off with a long sleeve button up and cardigan.


I want to point out something I do that helps when I plan on making a pattern several times (like the Hollyburn skirt). I trace all my pattern pieces on Swedish tracing paper before cutting out. Swedish tracing paper is a special drafting paper that is sewable, and doesn’t tear easily. You can write on it and tape it together like tissue paper, but don’t have to worry about it tearing when you fold it up to store in a folder like I do. A roll of this stuff costs about $15, and I have to order it online, but it’s well worth the extra expense and time, especially when I plan to return to a pattern as much as I have the Hollyburn skirt. I’ve read that freezer paper is also a good, durable paper to trace on, but I don’t care for it as much because it is pretty opaque and hard to trace from (while Swedish tracing paper is really transparent, which makes for easy tracing). I can fold and store the pieces and take them out quickly without worrying that I’m going to tear the pieces with all the extra handling. Anyway, just a tip!!

I didn’t make any additional adjustments since my last Hollyburn skirt. I used a white Bemberg rayon for the lining, and beautiful wood buttons for the accent tabs. I also hand-picked the zipper, as always (I don’t think I’ll ever go back to invisible zippers!!).


All in all, I love this skirt! I’m already thinking about making it again for winter – maybe in a gorgeous wool crepe?

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your long weekend! xo


One thought on “Hollyburn Skirt for the Office

  1. Such a beautiful skirt and with a white blouse and nude heels it is definitely office appropriate. I went and read the tutorial, I finally know what a hand picked zip is! If I had some time I might try it, but for now I’m sticking with invisible zips as they are faster :)

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