Thoughts on Technology (and updates!)


I know it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve made any updates here, but July has turned out to be a crazy month. Apart from my busy schedule with summer school, there were a couple of things that came up unexpectedly. Like… my computer hard drive crashed a couple of weeks ago. Um.. yeah. Talk about bad timing. I felt so much like Carrie Bradshaw in “My Motherboard, My Self” – although not as glamorous (but just as distraught!).

I bought my computer just last summer at Best Buy here in town (we don’t have an Apple Store). So the good thing is it was covered by warranty. Also, I learned after my last computer died that it’s a good idea to have a couple of hard drives on hand for backup. So I didn’t lose any files or pictures. But… the guys over at Geek Squad said that because it was a hardware issue, I had to send my computer into Apple to have them fix it. They estimated it would take about 3 weeks to send it back.

Since I didn’t have that kind of time on my hands (my summer course is only 4 weeks along), I got in the car and drove almost 5 hours to Fort Worth. Kind of crazy, but at least they were able to fix my computer in 3 days, rather than a couple of weeks.


In the end, an episode like this could make me hate technology, but I’ve gotten so much good out of it and the Internet that I could never be angry with my computer for long!! After all, the connections I’ve made online are too meaningful. I’m able to keep up with my family and friends back home on social media and Facebook, I learned to sew alongside an online community, and I’ve gotten to know many of my fellow students in my classes at UNT. This little laptop has given me so much good in my life – I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. :)


Apart from my computer failure, there’s one other exciting thing that’s happening at the Serrentino household, but I don’t want to announce anything official until the end of the month. It’s taken everything in me to keep the news to myself – our family already knows, but I don’t want to jinx anything by announcing online until it’s official. I’ll make the big reveal later this month. Until then, here’s a tiny little peak (can you guess what it is?). :)


As far as sewing updates go – I’m not sure if anyone noticed I took down the Hawthorn button from my sidebar. :( I’m sad I didn’t get to participate in the Sew-Along, but there were just too many life things going on this past month for me to be able to keep up. I did cut out the pattern and muslin pieces; so I’m hoping to tackle the dress later on once things start to slow down.

Even though I wasn’t able to participate in Colette’s Sew-Along, Sewaholic Patterns just revealed a gorgeous dress pattern last week and they’re going to host a Sew-Along of their own!! It starts next week, which is perfect timing with school. I absolutely adore the Saltspring dress, and I think it’s perfectly my style. Isn’t it gorgeous? August is so brutally hot here in Midland, and the weather doesn’t really start to cool down until later in the fall, so I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of the dress for the next few months.


When I first started sewing, Sewaholic’s Sew-Along archives are what got me through my first few patterns, so I’m beyond thrilled that I can follow along this time!! I know I’ll learn a lot – Tasia is such a great teacher.

Anyway, I’m glad to be back to this little blog,. I’ve missed it too much this past month!!

(Images 1, 23. Last two images taken by me with my iPhone.)


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