Hawthorn Sew-Along!!


After a couple of weeks of quilting, I’m changing gears this week to work on Colette Patterns‘ latest design, the Hawthorn Dress. Although the pattern is labeled intermediate, Sarai from Colette says, “I’d say it’s on the easy end of intermediate. Because of the cuff, version 2 is the most challenging… Versions 1 and 3 are much closer to the beginner level.”

So when I first heard that Colette was making a shirtdress, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. When I think about a shirtdress, I think of a boxy and unflattering shape. But then when the pattern was released a couple of weeks ago, I decided that it is the most elegant shirtdress I’ve ever seen. This dress certainly proved me wrong in my preconceptions about the style! Isn’t it gorgeous?


The Hawthorn is a perfect example of why I *love* Colette Patterns. They are able to come up with a sewing pattern that has beautiful and unexpected design elements, all the while maintaining a degree of simplicity in the pattern itself. This is what makes their patterns appropriate for beginner seamstresses like myself. I find that a lot of “beginner” or “easy intermediate” patterns at other companies (like the Big 4 – McCall’s, Simplicity, Vogue, etc.) all start to look the same after a while, and Colette Patterns is able to avoid that with their fresh and innovative details. :)

Apart from releasing the pattern, Colette is holding a Hawthorn Sew-Along on their blog, and I’m so signing up this time!! In the two years I’ve been sewing, I’ve never had the time to commit to a Sew-Along, because of one reason or another. Although I start summer school next week, this Sew-Along schedule has us finishing the dress in one month. I figure I’ll have plenty of time in the evenings to follow along with the group, and at least be able to sew up one version of the dress in that time.


I’m looking to make the sleeveless Version 3 in a navy-grey seersucker, and Version 2 with the sleeves from Version 1 in a linen and cotton chambray mix. I just got my fabric in the mail yesterday, but still need to buy buttons for each. I’m thinking I’ll probably do wood buttons for the seersucker, and maybe navy buttons for the chambray…? What do you think? I’m still debating.

Since its already July 2, I’m a bit behind with my test muslin, so I better get to work this week! I’ll be posting my progress along the way here. :)

(First photo of pattern by me. Second and third photos by Colette Patterns, found here and here. Fabric photos by me.)


17 thoughts on “Hawthorn Sew-Along!!

  1. Can’t wait to see!! I love the idea of wood buttons – that would be so cute! I’m a bit behind already too! Hopefully I can get caught up and actually make a muslin instead of just jumping in (per the usual!)

    1. Oh no!! Well, I run at a snail’s pace through patterns, and am anxious to start if I don’t make at least TWO practice muslins, so I probably should have started all this last week!! Thank goodness for the long weekend!! That’s the great thing about sew-alongs – they keep you on-track!!

      Congratulations on such a beautiful tutorial feature today. :) Your pool bag pattern is just gorgeous. I used to spend every 4th of July as a child at our neighborhood pool, and those beautiful photos you posted are making me reminisce about the good-ole-days!!

      1. I’m SO impressed that you are making two!!

        I used to spend every 4th of July at our neighborhood pool too back when we lived in North Carolina! We always did a bike parade in the morning and then had fun contests and activities at the pool the rest of the day, followed by a fireworks show. Those are such fun memories!

      2. Erin that is so wild!! You are describing my exact Fourth of July growing up!! I lived in East Tennessee, so maybe it was a regional thing. :) So crazy!! The neighborhood bike parade was the *place to be*, and you know I’d get up at the crack of dawn to decorate my bike JUST SO (while my brothers would wait until 5 minutes before and throw some leftover crepe papers on their handlebars… pffft). Hehehe.. it’s so great to know another southeastern here in the sewing blog world!! :P :)

  2. I do love this pattern but think I’m going to wait till after I’ve had my baby before I give it a go as my tummy is expanding rapidly at the moment! I love the fabrics you[‘ve chosen and your button suggestions. You could also go for a contrast button with the chambray, I can imagine it going really well with orange buttons but then I’m kind of in love with orange right now!

    1. Hey Kathryn – I love the idea of orange buttons, too!! I love anything orange, as well. :) I’m usually more subdued with my clothing colors, but I might have to take it into consideration when buying buttons for my chambray dress. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Congratulations on your pregnancy!! I really love the Scout tee you just made up… I think it’s the perfect relaxed top to wear while your tummy expands!! Have you seen Jen’s alteration tutorial on the pattern, here? http://tinyurl.com/m7oxpw2 She shows how to make it even more swingy, which might help during your pregnancy months. :) I just love her patterns.

      1. Thanks Amanda, I hadn’t actually seen that tutorial. It looks perfect! I’ve been wanting to make a silk crepe scout for a while now and think that would look lovely if it was more swingy. Thank you!

      2. Hello again! Just to let you know I’ve nominated you for a Liebster blog award. Don’t feel obligated to reply or pass it on if you don’t want to, I just wanted to pass on some love to some of my favourite, new-to-me, sewing blogs!

      3. Hi Kathryn – wow!! Thanks so much!! You’re so sweet, it’s such an honor. :) I read all about the Liebster on your blog, and I really love the idea!!

    1. Thanks so much! The buttons play a big role in the dress, so I think I’ve decided to stick with wood for the seersucker and navy for the chambray. Kinda boring, but at least I’ll know I can get a lot of wear out of them! I may do something more outgoing with a blouse version later on. :) Can’t wait to see your finished dress!!

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