What I Made | Nani Iro Hazel Dress (and New Hair!)

I’m pretty sure this is my FAVORITE dress I’ve made yet. :)



I bought this Nani Iro border fabric as soon as the Colette Hazel dress pattern came out last spring. It’s a beautiful double-gauze fabric, and I have to say, it isn’t the cheapest fabric I’ve ever bought. 3 yards of it wasn’t super expensive, but I wanted to make sure until I had the pattern down perfect until I cut into the fabric.

I think all that anticipation sort of backfired, though. I didn’t have major problems putting the dress together, but I did cut one of the bodice pieces incorrectly – twice – which was sort of annoying (luckily I had a little extra yardage to get me through all the pieces). Also, I cut out 4 pocket pieces out of my precious border fabric, and turns out the blue floral pattern showed through the skirt. I’ve never made a white dress, so I really had no clue the pockets would show through. I consider it a lesson learned. Luckily I had enough white batiste from my underlining to cut out the pockets, and I think I can use the blue floral pocket pieces for another garment someday. :) I was able to learn from that mistake.

Now onto the good things. Here are some special touches I added to the pattern:

  • The bodice and skirt are underlined with ‘imperial batiste’, which is a very nice poly cotton blend. It’s silky soft and has a nice drape – I ordered a little extra to use on the next nice garment I make.
  • I used a catch stitch on both the facings and hem. I really enjoy using this stitch, it’s very therapeutic – kind of like knitting.
  • I added a waist stay to the pattern (using Tasia’s tutorial here). It was much easier than I expected, and the skirt ended up being a little heavy with both the double gauze and lining fabrics. I’m really happy I tried it – I plan on using it on more gathered skirt dresses!
  • I included a hand-picked zipper (like my previous Hazel dress). I don’t think I’ll ever go back to invisible zippers!!



I didn’t realize this at the time of cutting, but I unintentionally left the name of the designer and fabric on right at the hem. I really like how it turned out – that way, whoever ends up with the dress years from now will be able to reference the designer and when it was manufactured. :)

Also – did you notice…? NO MORE BLONDE!! I did it! I got rid of my blonde highlights. :)

I mentioned on my 30 before 30 list that I wanted to grow out my highlights before next year. I originally made a hair appointment last week to see how I could make the transition easier (I was thinking I could do some sort of temporary highlights). But once I was there I decided to just take the jump and dye my hair as close to my original color as possible. The thing is, I’ve been highlighting my hair for about 10 years now, so I’m not even sure what my original color looks like! Although it didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined, I think that the color is pretty close.

To be honest, I sort of regretted the decision shortly after leaving the salon. The change was pretty drastic, and I know it’s not exactly what my hair will look like when it grows out. But.. I figure I’ve done it now, and I’m sure that the color will soften up over time. At least it’s over with, and I don’t have to go through getting temporary highlights or anything else for the next year as it all grows out!! So I’m trying to be brave about it. What do you all think? Does it look normal, or kind of crazy?

Take care, everyone. I leave you with this picture of my gorgeous Canela… who is quite the trickster. I’ve taught her 3 new tricks since I finished up spring semester! She can now roll over, hold a ball on her nose, and shake. I’ll have to take a video and post it here soon. She’s like a circus sideshow act when she does them all in a row. ;) Hehehe…



17 thoughts on “What I Made | Nani Iro Hazel Dress (and New Hair!)

  1. Beautiful dress…on a beautiful lady! Your hair looks great! Really close to your natural color….

    1. Thanks Aunt Susan!! I took these pics last week, and I think the color has started to fade even a little since then.. making it even a little less drastic. 😊

  2. Your dress is lovely! Really like the way you used the border print. And I think your hair looks great. I got rid of my highlights in my late 20s too. Did the same thing, dyed my hair as close to natural as possible. After a couple weeks it lightened up and the highlights showed through a little, but it worked well for growing it out.

    1. Thanks so much!! I loved the challenge of placing the border on each piece, and it was fun watching the whole thing come together. Thanks for your reassuring words about my hair! I actually took these photos last weekend, and its lightened up already since then. :)

  3. Oh, that’s so pretty, Amanda! It looks so floaty and summery!

    I’ve finally started working on my Hazel muslin, and I think I’m almost there with the fit. Fingers crossed!

    1. Thanks so much for the sweet comment! I love the fabric, I really hope to make something else out of double gauze someday. :)

      My fingers and toes are crossed that your dress turns out well. I know it will be lovely!! :)

  4. Amanda! I love love love the dress! The print is gorgeous and looks so pretty for spring/summer! Also, you look beautiful no matter what color your hair is! 😊

  5. Awww your dog is so adorable! I love dogs, they are the best. Your dress is gorgeous as well, i’ve never been bit on Hazel but this one is making me change my mind!

  6. Your dress is so gorgeous! I do love the Hazel pattern and the way you’ve placed the print looks great. I’ve just washed some Japanese double gauze for a Grainline scout tee and it feels so soft I can’t wait to use it. I’m also considering going back to natural hair colour and have the same problem – what is my natural colour?! You really suit the darker hair too.

  7. I am fascinated by this double gauze fabric because I have NEVER seen/touched it before. But that is a spectacular rendition of the Hazel. I’m curious about the size you made because I read a lot online that Colette is for C cups or more. Any input there? You don’t seem to have altered it much. Please share that side of your experience. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hi there!! Thanks so much for your kind words!! This is actually the fourth Hazel I made (not counting the muslins!!) so I had some time to get the fit just so. If you want to take a look at my post on my original Hazel dress here http://wp.me/p2SYTv-7i, you’ll see the changes that I made to the original pattern. :) Yes, Colette Patterns drafts their patterns for C cups, but a quick small bust adjustment should do the trick if you’re wanting to alter in that area!! Also – I originally cut out a size 4 before making my adjustments. :)

      I hope all this helps!! Thanks so much, again, for you’re sweet comment!! :) Hope you have a lovely weekend. xo

  8. Your dress is amazing. I have never touched a sewing machine, and in sewing classes I’d just thread paper, but you’ve made me want to create clothing.

    This year I am growing out my roots. I think your hair colour is stunning, and it makes me excited for when mine is completely out. My roots are about 15cm now so they’ve passed the awkward regrowth stage. Without the highlights, my hair is so much healthier that even my husband has commented. I don’t need to blow dry/straighten it anymore because there is no frizz. Have you found that your hair is healthier now ? I want to get it dyed at the end of the year. Did the colour stay or did it lighten ? Did you have to go back for touch ups ?

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! My hair has lightened a LOT since I took these pictures, and I’ve noticed that my roots that are growing out are definitely more “me”. I really felt like I was losing touch with what my real hair color was, since I haven’t seen it in over 10 years!! I’ve noticed that the roots are much easier to manage than before, and that they look great when I let them dry naturally, as opposed to having to straighten / curl / use too many products. All in all I’ve been happy with the change so far. I’m not sure about metrics, but I think my natural color has grown out about 2 inches so far, so I have quite a ways to go. I’m just trying to remember to take my vitamins everyday because I think that helps the hair grow faster, and I’m thankful that the ombre trend is still somewhat relevant – that way I can say it was “intentional” when my hair’s about halfway grown out.

      Good luck with your sewing!! It’s very easy once you get the hang of it. :) I’m wondering why I didn’t pick it up sooner!!

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