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Hey all!!

The weather’s already crept up to 3 digits here in West Texas, so I thought it’d only be appropriate to sew up something light and airy to kick off the summer! I’m going on a couple of trips next month, and think that Grainline Studio’s Tiny Pocket Tank will be the perfect blouse to pack along in my suitcase. I really love its swingy shape, and am in need of a quick and easy sewing project this week. :)

TinyPocketTank Grainline Studio

I’ve already taped together and cut out the pattern, and made my usual adjustments (SBA, added length, and I also raised the neckline a bit).

I have plans to sew up the tank top in a lightweight chambray gauze and some shirting fabrics I already have on hand. I’d also love to try it out in a cotton eyelet, to dress up the usual jeans and cardigan look. I’ve been thinking about adding buttons to the back, because I always get nervous when taking off a woven shirt without buttons or a zipper – I’m always afraid I’ll get makeup all over the neckline. But.. I’ll take it step-by-step, and see how it goes. ;)

This past weekend, I also got a bit of a head start on one of the goals on my 30 before 30 list. Jose had a couple of pairs of blue jeans to give away, and I kept them, thinking I could make some sort of use out of them in my sewing room. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to make out of them until I ran across these amazing quilts by Folk Fibers.

Folk_Fibers_Arizona_Quilt Folk_Fibers_Dark_Star

I have a special love for Log Cabin quilts, and really think that old jeans were made to be recycled into the pieces that make up this design. I decided to use a quilt pattern from my Modern Log Cabin Quilting book. I cut out 2 inch strips from Jose’s recycled jeans, then chose a combination of unbleached muslin, and a couple of white Kona cottons as my contrast. Here’s my first test block, below. I’m in love!

Up Next_Summer Sewing_1

And here’s the pattern I’ll be using for the quilt:

Up Next_Summer Sewing_2

I’m not in any hurry to complete the quilt, especially because it’s partially made out of denim (and will end up being a pretty hefty bed cover!). We won’t be needing anything heavy on our bed for several months, although, for some reason, I’m always inspired to quilt something new in the summer. Kind of counterintuitive, but I suppose it takes several months to finish up a quilt before it gets cold outside again. :)

I hope you all have a lovely week!! I’ll see you again before the weekend. Hopefully I can show you a couple of new tank tops by then!!

xoxo ~ Amanda


2 thoughts on “Up Next | Summer Sewing

  1. Oh hush… it’s a terrible ~10 degrees celsius around here in Australia and I am freezing :(. I would love to make a quilt, but I know I wouldn’t have the patience for it. People always say ‘but Tiff you make your own clothes!’ but clothes are not made out of tiny squares! I have so much respect for people who make quilts because I just think they must be the epitome of patience.

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