What I Made | A Couple of Drapey Hollyburn Skirts



Hey ya’ll! Happy Friday!!

I spent a good part of this past week working on a couple of new Hollyburn skirts with fabric from my stash. Both of these fabrics have a considerable amount of drape to them, making each one perfect for a half-circle skirt like the Hollyburn!

The first fabric I used was a very liquid chambray – I would guess this fabric has some sort of Tencel in it. This is by far my favorite skirt I’ve ever made. The fabric was very lightweight, and has a lot of drape to it, but extremely easy to work with. Jose made the comment that it has a very “cowgirl” look to it, which, living here in Texas, I take as a compliment!


I think what takes it to the next “cowgirl” level is that I lined this skirt with a floral silk georgette I had on hand. Nothing like lining a chambray skirt with floral silk, don’t you think?


Also – these are the most amazing buttons. I wasn’t too impressed with the wood buttons that the local Hancock Fabrics carries, so I ordered these from anthonyswoodshop on Etsy. According to the seller, these buttons are special because they are “cut so as to capture the strength of the wood, unlike tree branch buttons which tend to split.” This means the buttons can be machine washed and dried, unlike other wood buttons that are sold at the local fabric store. :)


The second skirt was made with (what I assume to be) a black cotton crepe. I didn’t care for this fabric as much as the chambray, but it still made a very basic, wearable skirt in the end. I lined it with a synthetic black and white houndstooth I had on hand (Roll Tide ya’ll!), and I added belt loops to the waistband rather than button tabs. I’m pretty pleased with the result, as you can never have too many basic black skirts in your closet.




(Here you can see the inside of my hand-picked zipper!). :)

The weather here in Midland is really starting to heat up – the high today was 102 degrees (F)! The dogs have been extra lazy because of it, and I don’t blame them. I think my summer hibernation will start this weekend. I can’t complain, though, it gives me an excuse to stay inside and sew!!

Here’s what Blanca thinks about the hot weather:


Hope you all have a fun weekend!

xo ~ Amanda


5 thoughts on “What I Made | A Couple of Drapey Hollyburn Skirts

    1. Thanks so much, Aunt Susan!! Wish you were close by so I could show you everything I’m working on, in person. ;) I’ll just look forward to a little show and tell next time I’m in town. xoxo

  1. These are awesome and they look so versatile. And holy schmoly you are organised! My notes are just in my head and they’re usually like ‘you were meant to do something to the neckline… ah well. I forget’. So unhelpful.

    1. Wow – thank you so much!! No one’s ever told me that – I should include a shot of my entire sewing room, might make you think differently!! Hehehe… I think I’m just too OCD about sewing things out here *on my own* (without a teacher reminding me how to do things step-by-step), and this is one habit I started early on in sewing that’s stuck. ;) Problem is, though, sometimes I don’t make note changes on the actual pattern pages, so I’ll miss it when going through the pattern again – which is something I need to work on!

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