30 Before 30 | Nicole’s Classes, Photo 101


I’m already off to a running start with my 30 before 30 list! Now, I must admit, I enrolled for this course way back in January, but still wanted to include it on my 30 before 30 because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time!!

The class I’m taking is called Photo 101 by Nicole Hill Gerulat, and it’s an online class available at Nicole’s Classes website. I actually found the course online about a year ago, but didn’t give in to signing up until I read a review on Making It Lovely (written by another Nicole, whose blog I just started following this year!).

Although I’m just one week into it, I can already tell you that it is sooo worth it if you’re considering taking an online photography course. The information and feedback is very thorough – I’m happy with how interactive the course is! Basically, you’re assigned reading material and videos to watch each week, and then you take the information you learn and apply it to your weekly homework assignments. There’s an application specific to the course, where you upload your homework photographs, and the teacher provides feedback for each shot. That’s what I like best about the class – is the feedback. Just like with sewing, when going about learning a new skill on my own, it’s nice to have a professional’s feedback and direction. :)

Here are some shots from my first homework assignment. We were asked to shoot a series of “A Day in the Life of…” and choose an object or person to follow for a day. Of course, as always, Blanca and Canela served as my muses. ;)




I’ve really been interested in photography since I took a couple of classes at my high school. However, “back in the day” (I’m about to sound old here), we didn’t have digital DSLR cameras. Back then, I had to learn about aperture and exposure the hard (and expensive) way – with film. Although I remember learning a lot about the dark room, I can say that I never fully understood the balance between exposure, aperture, and ISO. Now that digital DSLR cameras are around, and their quality is (just about) up to speed with their film counterparts, I feel more comfortable experimenting with the different concepts.

I’m taking a couple of big trips this year, so Jose surprised me with an amazing new camera for Christmas. :) I helped him pick it out, and after reading a bunch of reviews, I decided on a pretty basic Canon Rebel t3i camera body. I bought this 55mm lens along with it, and since then, I have noticed a huuuuge difference in the quality of my shots.

I’m really excited to be taking this Photo 101 course. I’ll keep you all updated on my progress these next couple of weeks!

Here I’ll leave you with a glimpse into how Blanca and Canela spend about 90% of their day:





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