What I made | Colette Hazel Dress

Finally! A dress!!


(Hazel by Colette Patterns – found here)

I’ve been wanting to make up this dress since its release last spring. This is Colette Patterns Hazel Dress (one of my favorite pattern companies, obviously). I LOVE the lines, and the simplicity of design. I especially love how the model on the website wore this dress in red stripes – not only because I have a ton of shirting stripes in my fabric stash, but because stripes are one of my favorite patterns these days.


(Hazel by Colette Patterns – found here)

And I’m just happy to have made a dress in general! I thought the other day – I’ve been busy making separates, because I feel like separates really fill in the holes of my wardrobe. However, separates really take twice as much time fitting and sewing to make a whole outfit. Therefore, in terms of efficiency, it takes half as much time to sew a dress. What do you think – do you like my rationalization? ;)




This dress was technically made as a wearable muslin. Like I said, I have tons of striped shirting fabrics in my stash, and wanted to test out the pattern with a full lining before using any of my more precious fabrics. Also – I  knew I would want to make several versions of this dress, so I wanted to make sure the fit was perfect.

Here are the changes I made to the pattern:

  • 3/8″ small bust adjustment (or SBA)
  • shortened the straps 1″, and then removed 1/8″ from the front point of the strap (basically, I removed some of the curviness of the strap, most likely due to the changes made in SBA)
  • removed 3/8″ from the back side bodice piece (at the side seam)
  • lengthened the skirt by 1″
  • added a full lining

This dress turned out to be the perfect spring dress. Along with a blazer or cardigan, it’s nice and breezy – but still work appropriate, don’t you think? :)

xo ~ Amanda


10 thoughts on “What I made | Colette Hazel Dress

    1. Thank you so much, Shelley! I really love the pattern. It’s so flattering, and easy to make!! I hope to make at least 2 – 3 more, hehehe.

      Adding a lining takes a little more time, but well worth the effort I think. :)

      I loved looking through your recent garments! I am amazed at all the inspiration I get from roaming the Internet and sewing blogs like yours. Thanks so much for commenting! You made my day. :)

  1. Such a pretty dress! I always liked this pattern but never thought of buying or making it because all the examples I’ve seen have been on bustier gals than I. Never occurred to me to do a SBA! D’oh! Might have to rethink this!

    Love your stripes and I’m looking forward to seeing what other fabrics you choose for this pattern!

    1. Hi Gail! Thank you so much!! I love this pattern too, and have always thought it’d be just as flattering on us small-busted ladies than on more voluptuous women. :) I’m so happy it turned out as I had hoped!!

      For the SBA, I simply made the adjustments on the front bodice piece (the one that looks like a triangle, where the darts are), and that seemed to do the trick! You will have to make coordinating adjustments on all the other bodice pieces, just like any other SBA.

      Here’s a link I found to doing a FBA on the Hazel bodice – basically you’ll just have to think opposite when constructing a SBA. I hope this might help you!


      Thanks so much for your kind words!!
      xo ~ Amanda

  2. Thanks so much for all that info, Amanda! I’m going to buy the pattern soon (waiting til Tuesday to see what the new pattern from Sarai is)!

    1. Hi Christine! Thanks so much for asking! I automatically do a SBA on each of the patterns I work with, so if the bodice pieces are a little different (like this one) I like to see what others have done first, before attempting to do it myself.

      Turns out, the SBA for this pattern was actually pretty easy – I used the opposite of the FBA, demonstrated here (http://symondezyn.wordpress.com/2012/06/30/colette-hazel-fba-tutorial/) and it turned out beautifully!! Basically, I made the adjustments on the front triangle piece, and then adjusted the length of the rest of the bodice pieces to match – and that seemed to do the trick!! I was worried that I would have to do some sort of the adjustment to the front bodice side pieces, but after wearing my first muslin on a couple of different occasions, I realized it wouldn’t be necessary. :)

      I hope this link helps you out!! In case you couldn’t tell already, I adore this pattern, and its such a dream to sew up.

      Take care! xo ~ Amanda

    1. Hahaha no problem!! I should have mentioned it again in my last post. I find that so many out there require a FBA that I don’t see too many out there who do a SBA like ourselves, so I understand your excitement!! ;)

      Have a great week, Christine!! xo

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