My U.S. citizen (and Alabama native) :)


Jose and I took a trip last week to El Paso. Jose was finally scheduled to take his U.S. Citizenship exam – and he passed!!! He’s soooo American these days, people have started calling him Joe, hahahaha.

In all seriousness, you wouldn’t believe how hard of a process it is to apply for citizenship. There’s lots of tedious paperwork, and the exam itself is very difficult. Even for native Americans like me (who studied American history in school), the questions were not easy!! In the exam prep book, there were more than 100 questions to study from. I found a link with a couple of sample questions here , in case some of you all are interested to test yourself. ;) Some of the answers are pretty obvious, but the more specific questions are tough!

Apart from the exam, Jose and I had fun on our little vacation, and got to know the town a little since neither of us had ever been to El Paso before. The city’s a lot different than what I imagined – I thought it’d look like Laredo, but El Paso was more like an old Mexican metropolis. There were buildings everywhere, and dusty mountains in the distance. It honestly looked like we had accidentally crossed the border into Mexico. The houses were really interesting – I noticed when we drove past some of the resident streets that none of the yards had grass! Only rocks or pavement (and the occasional cactus).

We ate Mexican food for every meal (I’m going through withdrawals since we left Laredo), and stayed downtown within walking distance to some interesting sights. I didn’t realize how much history there was in that town. While Jose was taking his test, I took part of a walking tour through downtown and practiced taking pictures with my new camera.





Then, when Jose was done with his interview, I was able to convince him to go to the art museum with me. :) He loved it. :P




We then stopped at a yummy coffee shop and warmed up a bit before leaving town. All in all it was a fun trip. I can’t wait to go back!


This week I’ve been busy with school projects and exams, but have just started working on a new dress. It’s coming together fairly quick, so hopefully I can post some pictures here by the weekend!

Take care!

xo ~ Amanda


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