What I Made | Pair of hearts


I finished the heart pillows! I really love how they turned out. These have replaced the old IKEA pillows we kept on the bed, which I think were a little too busy for the quilt that we have.


To make the pillows, I used a free pattern from the blog, Noodlehead. The pattern was super easy, thanks to a video posted on the website. I’ve never sewn curves like this before, and had a little trouble matching making the red and white pieces match up perfectly, but the two halves of the square came together easily so I didn’t worry too much. I knew I wanted to quilt the pillow tops, which helped with any wonkiness in the edges. :) I think this pattern just goes to show that kinks in the details of a sewing project are usually invisible, once everything comes together in the end.


For the front of the pillow, I used leftover Kona cotton that I already had in both tomato (red) and snow (white). For the back, I used a decorator weight black and white striped fabric. What do you think of the zipper? They’re looking better with each pillow I make!


Blanca wanted to help model the pillow. Although, she’s such a gorgeous model, she kind of distracts from the loveliness of the pillow, don’t you think? ;)

xo ~ Amanda


3 thoughts on “What I Made | Pair of hearts

    1. Thanks Matt! It was great running into you, too!!! I’m looking through your Flickr account now and your photos are FANTASTIC! Wish I had taken advantage of your skills this morning for a free lesson, or something. ;) hahahaha… I’ll keep in touch if we make it back to El Paso soon!! Take care. :)

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