Hearts in progress..


Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you all had a lovely day and ate lots of chocolate. :) Jose and I took it easy. We both worked, came home and took the dogs on a walk, then ate a frozen pizza and watched TV together. And we did all of these things, full of love for each other, just like every other day. :)

Working in a retail store – especially a jewelry store – at this time of year is pretty intense. I’ve had different feelings about Valentine’s Day, maybe because of my exposure to all the intensity, and maybe because of other things. But I just felt like Valentine’s was a little too Hallmark this year. I mean, for every customer that walked in the store, I thought – do you really need to buy all this stuff just to say “I love you”?

Don’t get me wrong, Jose and I bought small gifts for each other. But I don’t think we did it to prove our love to one another. I think we did it to celebrate this fun day.

Anyway, I don’t mean to get too philosophical here, but I suppose my point is – Valentine’s Day is a fun day to celebrate hearts and red and pink and candy and chocolate, but I don’t see it much more than that – because I love to say “I love you” to my friends and family every day of the year, and just wanted to share that message with you all.

And that brings me to my “in-progress” part of this post. ;)


I had the best of intentions to give Jose a set of heart quilted pillows for Valentine’s Day – but then real life came in the way. Work and school have both been pretty crazy this week, and I just didn’t have time to finish these covers to share with you today. But because I’m of the mindset “Valentine’s Day is every day”, I promise I’ll finish these up and show you the completed set here soon, regardless of which day it is. Because you can’t have too many giant hearts in your life, can you? ;)


And speaking of giant hearts, how cute are these two? Who do you think Canela’s Valentine is this year? ;) (she loves her big sister so much, she practically suffocates Blanca with a hug like this on a daily basis).

Love you all!

xo ~ Amanda

(vintage Valentine found here)


One thought on “Hearts in progress..

  1. This is a cute post!

    Yeah, Ryan and I don’t buy each other gifts to show we love each other… it’s really just for holiday fun. I can’t imagine really buying stuff for someone to show “I love you” unless there was some sort of inside joke, or emotional attachment behind the item?

    I like your blog- your dogs are so cute! Lol, what a funny photo of them!

    Hope you’re doing well, dear.


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