What I Made | Modern Quilted Pillows



Before school started up again this week, I was able to work in a quick project that’s been on my “want to make” list for some time now – quilted pillows! I don’t know why I’ve put off making these for so long – pillow covers are really easy to make (these are the perfect self-confidence booster for a beginner seamstress), and they make a room look so much more polished.


I haven’t really invested too much in home decorating since Jose and I have always been renters, but I do like to spend time making pieces for the home that I know will go along with our decor for years to come.

I got the inspiration for these two patterns from the book, Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal. I just love this book, and the history of the log cabin pattern itself. I love that the design lends itself so well to a more modern quilting aesthetic, which is what attracted me to quilting in the first place.

While making up these covers this past week, I realized there are so many great things about accent pillows. I hope you don’t mind me sharing here in list-form the many benefits:

  1. Pillows instantly spruce up the room with some color, and don’t require too much work (like a quilt).
  2. You can trade pillow covers out with the season, since storing them doesn’t take up too much closet space.
  3. Pillow covers allow you to practice new techniques with quilting, before deciding if you want to go at it full scale with a larger quilt.
  4. You can use scraps from old projects to make a new pillow cover.
  5. And last, but not least – new accent pillows (hopefully) hide the fact that you own a sad, slumped sofa. :)

I have a feeling these are not the last of the pillow posts! I had so much fun making the covers, and can’t wait to make more of them this year.

And last but not least – the dogs have been enjoying the warm weather this past week, and especially love the little patch of sun that comes through the storm door in the morning. I caught Blanca there in her famous tongue-out sleep pose this week.. Isn’t she gorgeous?


Hope you enjoy the weekend!

xo ~ Amanda


5 thoughts on “What I Made | Modern Quilted Pillows

  1. What a very cool “blog”–I think many years ago your writing would have been called a “journal”, but it’s so nice that you are willing to share your thoughts with others!! I look forward to more beautiful projects ( and updates on your favorite puppies!!)

    1. Thanks Mom! I’m glad you like it!! I agree – it’s like a new, electronic journal that I can share with everyone. Did you click on any of the other sewing blogs I follow? They were my inspiration for starting this site.

      I also owe it to you for letting me “borrow” your old sewing machine. Which I still have, by the way. ;) I’ll give it back to you when I come to retrieve all my old stuff from your attic…. on second thought, maybe I’ll just hold on to it forever. :/ hehehehehe…

      I love you! xoxo

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