How to Make an Inaugural Gown

First thing this morning, I rushed to my computer to see what Ms. Obama wore to the Inaugural Ball last night… can I just say, she looks amazing, right?!

Photo from the Associated Press

So many reasons why I love this dress:

  1. The color looks amazing on her.
  2. The fabric is so perfectly flowy.
  3. It’s covered-up but sexy at the same time.
  4. The neckline is (in my opinion) the most flattering of all necklines.

I didn’t realize how much I love this particular neckline until I sewed up my one and only version of Sewaholic’s Lonsdale Dress last year. You could make a pretty close version of the First Lady’s dress with this pattern, and I have to say – I’m pretty tempted!


Tasia hosted a sewalong for the Lonsdale pattern on her website, which prompted me to try it out – it always helps to have someone walk you through all the steps of making a dress, especially when you’re a newbie like I am.

I ended up wearing the dress to a friend’s winter wedding, and I only wish I had had more time last year to make more versions. I keep dreaming about making up this dress in a light, summery fabric. And I have to say, I’m dyyyyying to make the long version someday. Isn’t it gorgeous?


This is just one of the (many) great things I love about sewing – I never would have picked this style for me to wear until I started making my own clothes. :) I’ve learned so much about my personal style, and what looks good on my own body type. Whenever I’m in a store just window-shopping for clothes, I’ve noticed that I am drawn to completely different clothes than I used to be – it’s like I’m a more educated shopper, just by knowing how clothes are constructed and designed.

I’ve started working on a new project today, but in my next post, I can’t wait to show you a couple of crazy quilted pillows I’ve finally finished up and fluffed.

Hope ya’ll have a fun week!

xo ~ Amanda


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