Hello and Happy New Year!!

I’ve decided 2013 is the year for me to start a dedicated sewing blog. I picked up the hobby a couple of years ago, but haven’t taken the time to document each project as I go along. This is my attempt to record each piece I sew.  Like other seamstresses out there, I figure a blog is the perfect way for me to keep up with my portfolio of work over time.

Blanca Pate

In case you’re wondering – the photo above is of our oldest, beloved puppy, for whom this blog is named. My husband named her Blanca when we got her, and I have since added the name Pate (my old middle name, which was my Grandma Lawhorn’s maiden name). I think it’s a beautiful, simple name – and thought it’d be perfect for this site!

I thought I’d start things off here by showing a couple of sample of projects I’ve made these past few years:

  • Below is the first real dress I ever made, last year.  I used Very Easy Vogue’s V8241 dress pattern, and cut out the belt from Colette Pattern’s Peony. Looking back, this was a pretty ambitious project for a beginner! The dress is fully lined, and I used polyester crepe de chine for the fabric. I was pretty pleased with the results, even if the fit and construction were a bit wonky. I should hang on to this beginner’s confidence!!

First Dress, October 2011

  • And next up, my first complete quilt! I made this from a pattern in Denyse Schmidt’s new book, Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration. I was attracted to the pattern by the beautiful fabric, and for its simplicity of design. I used the same fabric from DS Quilt’s Greenfield Hill collection that was shown in the book, just in a different colorway. Quilts are what originally attracted me to sewing – they’re the perfect mix of beauty and functionality. It’s like artwork that you can use, rather than just hang on the wall. There are so many beautiful projects in Denyse’s two books, and I hope to make a couple more of her designs this next year.

First Quilt, September 2012

That’s it to start! Please follow me here ~ I can’t wait to see what this next year brings!

xo, Amanda


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